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I replaced my front wheel bearings and halfshafts about 2 months ago on my 98 Legacy GT. I had serious probelms with the passenger side ( halfshaft stuck in the bearing and rough to press out the bearings also ). I am pretty sure it did some damage to the spindle at that time ( the metal showed some small stress cracks but only on the outer portions of the spindle ). It all went back together well enough and turned freely with no noises. I drive ALOT and now I am starting to get noises/ vibrations that seem to be wheel bearing related (arrgghh!) reeeet reeet reeeet. I guess my questions is this- Is the spindle the same on a Legacy L as it is on the GT's? I know it will be alot easier to find an L spindle than a GT if they are different,. Is the difference just the suspension setup? Thanks for any clues. 86K on 98' Legacy GT Std Tranny.

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