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Reset my ECU again but did not disconnect the battery & lose data on odometer and clock, radio, etc. I am sure that most of you already know this but I figured this out almost by myself! I read Josh's response to resetting and he said, I believe, pull fuse 16 for 30 minutes for a certain Subaru and that would do the ECU. So I ran out to my Baja to check the book and it did not list a fuse for the ECU. I popped the fuse block cover(coin tray to left of driver, on lower panel and it had "Eng. Ign/Air bag" and that had to be the ECU. I think it was fuse 11 but what the heck! Why would I do this again so soon? Because the throttle got real crabby real fast after the last reset. I think this was because I used cruise too soon after the first reset and it "learned" from the cruise control to be pretty snappy to maintain speed. This time I stayed off cruise for about 30 miles and so far the throttle is pretty smooth. Let y'all know what happens.

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