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where can be the problem? bubbles in coolant?

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Okay, just got back with my 83 wagon from Jersey, 3300 miles. I spoke earlier of overheating, which was really not a problem on the way home[i cleaned rad, backflushed, and put a new upper hose on] It still ran a little hot though, and i noticed today, little bubbles in the coolant. I revved it up, and it foamed up, but i still have them. I just ordered a new radiator today, but can it be something else. I noticed a little coolant drip around the cross member section[near the oil pan gasket] is that something i should get checked out, before i put the new radiator in, or will this stop that from leaking. I really don't understand why coolant would be dripping from that area? Can someone help?

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head gasket can be fixed, but your problem may not be that. There are some coolant lines on the intake manifold, and you could have a leak there somewhere - look closer to see. If it's a head gasket, you can fix that by putting in another. Check for cracks in the heads, cause you will have to remove them for the gasket job. Oh - and get a manual. For bigger jobs like headgaskets, it will come in handy.



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