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the sucker king

stashed a brat bumper in colorado

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on saturday the 13th at the aurora pull n save i stashed a brat bumper/bull bar with the intention of retrieving it this week, which i can't do. if any of you colorado folks want it, email me for explicit instructions on where it is. i hate to see it go to waste. it's only 37 dollars including tax and core. i was just short a little jingle, cause i unexpectedly found an lsd (can't stop mentioning that.)


edit: it's this kind: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/80s/pushbar/brush-w.jpg

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Sounds like you found two good finds. I'd keep the location Top Secret until you can afford to bail it out!


Wish we had junkyards like that here!



82 Hatch, transforming....:temper:

01 Forester, jealous..........:madder:

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