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I picked up the motor on Friday. Had a piece of rubber and a spare tire in the bed of the Baja. The man at the yard had it on the fork lift and slid it right onto the tire like serving a slice of pie. Slick.


Now, it has been suggested that we replace the front and rear main seals before we install it. The owner of the yard said they should be fine without replacement.


I would think it would be cheap insurance to replace them. Is this dfficult?


Anyone know where I might find the seals?




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I know that the place in Tacoma (subaruparts.com or something like that)has them both.I just inquired this afternoon.How's that for ya?


Here's the place:




Oh,and not to be a wise rump roast but the seals are located in the front and rear....:lol: Well,you asked.:)


Good luck,you'll do fine.

I use a "5way tool" or 6way tool as some are now called.It's painter's tool for scraping,etc. and has a "C" shaped blade.Rest a piece of wood or something against the aluminumn block and then get the point of the "C" shaped blade in behind the seal.Using the block of wood as your fulcrom (spellcheck my foot!)rock that little puppy right out of its seat,going around a little and not just prying it out from one point if possible.


Never mind a proper insertion tool.You'll find something to set the new ones in squarely.Just remember that you don't want to walk it in.You want to push it in evenly,as best as you can.You knew that.;) I know Tim will take care of you.

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