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84' (outback) Traction Wagon

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Yes i have an 84 traction wagon from NC it has 140k on it and every thing is about as good as it could be except it has no power. it starts without even half a crank regardless of time sitting i have had it on the back burner for a while. Occasionly asking for assistance from local sub people. I don't think they know what I have. It is after all the original top of the line "outback" for 84.

Suposably it had the turbo done but it just doesn't have any power. I paid a lot for this car because of the shape and what it means to me. Though sitting here in NH ( not seeing any winter travel) has taken its toll. there are some blisters that have gotten worse over the past few yrs it has been sitting. The underside is perfect only a little red mud from NC. I have not worked on any sub but it all looks pretty simple. Though guidance is requested. I guess it is down on one cylinder but the turbo gage doesn't go past half, never into the +. I love this car. but I don't know where to start. Every one around here thinks of it as and 84 (rusty sub) with understandable reason. My first on an 80 gl wagon stick only lasted 80k before it rusted so bad it couldn't pass inspection (yrly). Needless to say this one will never see snow or salt or even spring sand for that matter. so Help Please. I haven't had any time to devote to it and it is too old for the young kids at dealerships to even understand( no puter)lol If i can figure out how to post pix i will. $ is an issue so i will do most of the work my self but I need guidance. sincerely Q

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Could be a tune up issue but seems more like vacuum leaks to me. If you can't get boost I would check all the vacuum lines on the motor. Those motors don't have timing belts to be concerned with so it's vacuum or distributor or injectors.

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