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Just bought another subaru. It's a 1978 Subaru 2 door coup. Front wheel drive. Guy I bought it from sold it cheap cause it was running rough. He put new points,condenser,cap and rotor in it. Also a new coil. Now there is NO SPARK! Checked it out and he had the coil leads all messed up. Got all the correct wires on the right places but still NO SPARK. Points look good and condenser is new also. Going to check the power to the coil and make sure I have power there. Anyone ever had any problems or can tell me where the fusible link is located. Any help would be great! Thanks...Dennis...

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Update...When you buy something someone else has tried to fix look for any and everything! Found the problem. When the guy (doesn't know much about subaru's) put new points in he really screwed up. He took the nylon bushing off the outside of the distributor and put the condenser on.The condenser lead and spade for the power goes on the outside of the nylon bushing. Not in contact with the distributor. The spade that the power plugs into was grounded on the distributor. Sooo NO SPARK! Found that, changed the setup, and away we go! This 1978 DL two door runs very strong. The EPA mileage listing said it should get like 41mpg highway and 32mpg in town. Not sure if I'm still going to put the motor in my 78' 4x4 wagon or keep the little DL as another subaru added to the fleet.

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