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EA-82 Lifters during a rebuild?

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Ok, I'm rebuilding an EA-82T motor and I need some advise on what to do with the lifters to insure that I won't have any lifter ticks once its back together. What should I do?




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They're not cheap to buy. I bought Spanish ones at cost, and they were $26 ea.


If they weren't making noise when you took it apart, I think I'd disassemble & clean them and reuse them. I just can't see forking over $200-400 for them, when I could spend that money on something else, and take two hours to thoroughly clean them instead.


This page shows the details. The only hard part is prising off the cap to get at the guts, and it's not really all that bad. I used a deep socket to put the caps back on the bodies.


That said, I'm apparently one of the few folks who really did have a bad one: I replaced a bad oil pump mounting seal, and I took the camcase off and replaced the feed o-ring and cleaned out the relief valve galley, but I still had a warm-up tapping. Two days later I took the camcase off again and replaced four lifters (I could not be certain which one was bad), and it's been silent for a couple of weeks now.


So, in my case, I needed one lifter. But from what I've read here, in the majority of cases they don't go bad all by themselves, they have to be helped along (by not keeping the oil clean).

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