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Wanted: EA82 SPFI coolant temp sensor

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For my '93 Loyale.


I'm not certain, but at least once I got an odd resistance reading from mine. New is not cheap -- gee, is there anything cheap for Subaru FI?


Anybody got a junk EA82 SPFI motor they're parting out? This sensor is mounted on the right (left, if you're bent over the radiator) side of the thermostat housing. It's hard to get out if the upper rad hose is still attached. You have to use a wrench, not a socket, because it is the one that has a six-inch two-wire harness integral (ie this isn't the single-spade-terminal sensor that's next to and behind it, that feeds the dash gauge).


I'm very fond of parts-swapping in the case of intermittant and rare FI faults, to eliminate -- or at least reduce -- variables while troubleshooting (If it gives you any trouble, . . . ).


I'd be happy to slip a Alexander Hamilton (who was never a President) (for the part) and a Abraham Lincoln (for shipping: ZIP 98368) in the mail in exchange for one of these.



(This offer void outside the US -- shipping doesn't make it worthwhile, and supply is plentiful here.)

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