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copper head gasket info from old USMB

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I was cleaning out my favorites and found this info in a thread I bookmarked from the old sleazyboard USMB.



Thanks to Skip, we now have the AutoCad files needed to make the gaskets without paying a setup cost. Skip created two styles. If you look at a turbo head gasket, there is one hole that has an o-ring as part of the gasket. Skip made one file with the hole the same as the inside diameter of the o-ring, and the other with what would be the hole diameter without the o-ring, so that you can get an o-ring to install there.


So, if you want one, you just have to call Gasket Works USA, (mention Corky) 626.358.1616 voice/page, or 626.358.7971 fax, tell him which one of the sizes you want, and thickness (I think .043 is the correct thickness), he takes either Visa or MC. I'm going for the one with the larger whole, and finding an o-ring to fit.



hmmm, I was quoted about $70 per set (2 gaskets) from him, Gasket Works (a year ago) plus a $60 template fee, so it was $130 to me. I thought then follow on sets would be at $70. He is located in Irvine, CA, about one hour from me. He is strictly mail order, and does not have a store front, so one cannot visit. Prices may be up over the year, but I think $100 is high. There is no right or left, so one gasket fits all, and 0.043 is what I used too. Shipping should be near $10 CONUS. I made a set for $20 parts and many hours labor, using a drill press, cutters, and files. Not cost effective for me to do, but a CNC would be easy. Check him on price as these are small (under 7" x 11" sheets) and if can get them for $20 for two, then he should get or have big supplies of copper sheet for less. The cost is mostly labor (and having the RIGHT tools, i.e. CNC, etc). Just my ramblings. R/ Patrick.

---PK Davis---

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