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Hello all,


Sorry for the noob-ness of the question, but I was looking for resources on what to look for when buying an SVX. One just came in on trade at a local dealership, and it seems like a nice clean car (with Motegi wheels, no less), but I was wondering what specifically I should look for as problem areas. I was also wondering what maintenance I should look for there to be done on it.


Appreciate any links or advice the committee wants to throw my way.


Thanks a ton!


- Freed

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Some advice...

Save up for the tranny.

Do not have an SVX as your only car

Do not plan on having the same reliability of other Soobs


With all that, Am I sorry I got my SVX and had to replace the tranny a month later and now have to replace it again??? NO, I love my car and all her problems...


I will never get rid of my SVX, and will more than likely have another at some point. But, I hate to see people lay out a wad of cash then 5 months later decide to part it out because the trans went. They are wonderful cars, but they do have some quirks.


Things to ask;

Original tranny? Rebuilt? replaced with SOA reman?

Tranny cooler installed? When?

It seems that many dealers overprice these cars. Head over to www.subaru-svx.net there is a ton of info for you to read and learn. And there are always members cars going up for sale. These are cars that you can go back through the board and check the history on.

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listen to above post. trans cooler is a must. these trans will survive much better with a cooler. check to see if the tires match....if they are way off then i'd plan on the trans not lasting long (if this is an AWD SVX...don't know if they made FWD, but i think they did). expensive trans and hard to find used because they are in high demand...well relatively high considering the small numbers available.


cracked glass...windshields are expensive....$700 or so i believe.


wheel bearings go out like nobodies business. i think improperly torqued lugnuts are a contributing factor to wheel bearing failure.


i think you've read most of the highly problematic areas...after that they are great cars.

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My 92 svx is a DD and so far (knock on wood) no issues. She's got 103k miles and I've owner her since '99.


maintenance items: tires, brake rotors/pads, an alternator, rear pass wheel bearing, coolant temp sensor, rear trunk lid lifting struts, driver side visor, rebuilt rack&pinion, valve cover gaskets, exhaust donut gaskets and the usual hoses...I think that's about it.


Things to be done:

possibly driver rear wheel bearings

change the timing belt (40k overdue)

change the water and oil pump along with Tstat and the usual gaskets and seals (while doing the timing belt)

fix the automatic belt on the drive side. Need to replace a simple micro switch...too lazy!


I'm not a speed racer but do like to go fast on open curvy roads. I do like this car very much and has been an excellent car for me. Even with street tires, she goes like hell through snow and ice.


Hope this helps.


'92 SVX LsL

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Thanks for the advice. That makes 3 people that have told me not to have it be my only car. It also looks like this one has many of the problems listed here. I can hear the wheelbearings and see the leaky valve cover, for example.



The tranny problem potential does make me very nervous though, and if they are more likely to go out and more expensive than most trannies, I don't know if I want to risk it. I need something as reliable and cheap to own as my 1987 GL hatch has been. I suppose I could see if the dealer will give me a good extended warranty with it, but otherwise, I'll forget it.


Thanks again for the info.



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The tranny is the number one thing to go out on these cars. I think Subaru made a major mistake by not offering this whith a Manual Tranny as an option. There would be a hell of a lot more of them on the road. . .


Heat is the number one killer of Auto Trannies, and the SVX generates a lot of it as it is a fairly heavy car, and people like to drive them fast (well it is styled like a fighter jet, so what do you expect?). Very nice cars. lots of amenities as well.

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