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plug gap for a 96 outback with a 2.2 liter

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I believe its .044 (double check)


That's the upper part of the range : between .039 and .044.

I've always presumed that, since the gap widens as the plus is used, it was better to gap the plug (when it is possible and recommended to do : they advise against it on platinum and iridium plug packages) to the smaller part of the range. I even measured my last platinum as having a gap of .038 and installed them like that with no apparent ill effects. What is your experiences about that?

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The truth of the matter is, that the spark plug must be gapped to the point where you get the most efficient spark. I think those of you that are old-timers will realize that there is a lot of leeway in spark plug gaps.


I do believe that .038 to .044 is normal for your application.



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