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Justy are the coolest POS ever

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I just spent a week and a half putting a justy together out of two parts cars.

Brake line repairs, headgasket, interior swaps, and axles problems.


Finally got it on the road, and clocked 700 miles on a round trip to pick up my brother from Camp Laguene N.C. (im in VA) Ran great and still is - sorta-


When i went to remove a drivers side rear axle (drive and pass side are diff axles in rear too) it was jambed and took a day to extract. Then when i went to seek a replacment I found out that no parts dealer could get it, not even napa. A Soob dealer could order me one for $400 but since i paid only 100 for both the justies, i didnt think so. I ended up breaking the spare pass axle to rebuild to drivers side. Then when i went four wheeling today i later found my selfmade axle clicking. Now I'm screwed.


i posted in the marketplace, but i was wondering if anyone new if i could change the diff/axles/something. So i didnt have this problem. I know its a stretch, but im trying lol



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