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been out of the loop..5 lug convertors..???

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Ok.. if you don't know i just got back from iraq in febuary.. and i finaaallllyy got my 88 RX together and running..so other than some stock ground effects trim i will never find i'm happy with the restoration..


Now a long long time ago (about 4 years ago) i bought a set of 5 lug convertors off this page from at the time, a nice guy from AUS (not saying he's still not a nice guy i just don't know if his buissness ever made it here he made lift kits as well and he had plans with someone else on this forum to open an US version of his sevices) well i have a set of NICE 2.5RS rims and i bolted every thing up fairly well i think..and all my wheels wobble now.. i thought maybee i did it wrong so i brought it to Becker Subaru (BAD IDEA) and other than all the service guys telling me that doing that to my car was like the worst idea possiable..and the world would come to an end because i decided to do something that wasen't in a service manual..and i was satan himself they finally decided to try it for themselves... well it still wobbles.. it dosen't wobble on the stock rims.. but wobbles about 2 inches on the 5 lug convertors.. which suck..cause as long as the car just sits there it's awsome..but if i move it looks like something out of Beverly Hillbillys..


Does this guy still exsist..does somebody make newer 5 lug convertors? Aparently these warped or something just sitting in a box for 4 years..either way i'd like to get new ones..but don't know if they are still around..


David Carter

88 RX 1.8t

91 Legacy SS 2.0tswap 6speed Cusco Tarmac LSD'sx3

00 2.5 RS

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Haven't seen any 5 lug adapter plates in a long time. There was a place in seattle a couple years ago that was making 4x100 and 5x100 adapter plates for peugeots (also 4x140 pattern like our subarus). But I haven't heard anything about them since I moved from that area and sold my peugeot. Besides, they were rather expensive and for the price of the adapters, most of us could do a REAL 5 lug conversion using XT6 parts (which I would recommend anyway since adapters have all sorts of odd tendancies.. from warping, to breaking under too much power, to overstressing the wheel bearings)

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Actually, the best is to use Legacy or Impreza front struts, knuckles and axles, use the XT6 tie rod ends and brakes. In the rear you have only one choice, and that is XT6 parts. Check my web site for info on these conversions.

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