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the rx rides again, legally

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i finally got my rx back on the road after nearly 6 months of sitting around and having blown head gaskets.


the engine has been resealed from the head gaskets up and i forgot the cam seals, go me.


the only issues im having with it is that the ecs light will flicker on ever now and then, usually for like 2 seconds, but the car will sstumble a little bit when it comes on. it usually only does it after ive been drining at higher speeds for a while and then start driving at lower speeds and rpm.


the other issue is that the new oil pan gasket s still leaking a bit, i tihnk the oil pump and cam seals are also leaking. the bottom of the shifter linkage also likes to ring agains the rive shaft when im decelerating.. is there any way to adjust that so it doesnt rub the drive shaft??



other than the few issues im having, the rx is running great, it does 80 mph without effort on the highway, before it wouldnt even do 70.


im hoping to get a few go fast bits into the rx soon, i just need more$$$ first.. i already have intercoolers and a td04 waiting to go into it, i just need toget adaptors for the turbo and plumbing for the intercoolers.

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