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92 loyale - bad computer?

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You may remember me posting a question on this car before. I am still in the troubleshooting phase with it. I think I need to replace the computer/ECU but wanted your collective opinion...


With Key On, Engine Off the check engine light does not illuminate. I checked the bulb and swapped it with a known working bulb.


I ran a test sequence on it from Mitchell's. They say to check power on the #2 (red/blue) connector and if it has power with Key On, Engine off and the computer disconnected then I've either got a bad connection at #2 or a bad computer.


The connection looks fine so I'm about to shop for a new computer but wanted your opinions.


The only 'problem' is the cold idle/running performance - once the car warms up it runs okay.


Should I get a new computer?





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