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84 GL wagon eating a fuse.

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Hello everyone,


I recently got my hands on an 84 GLwagon with 206k miles on it. The only thing that wasn't working were the turn signals. I found the hazard knob in the "on" position and when i turned it off they worked. Prior to finding that i checked all the fuses. The fuse labeled horn/hazard/clock was blown.

I installed a new one and it blew on contact with the key not even in the ignition. The clock works although it's always 1:00 no matter what time i get in. I'm not even concerned about it.

The horn and hazards do not work. I know certain leads are hot all the time

but that doesn't explain it blowing the 15 amp fuse that it's rated for. I suspect the turn signal / hazard unit buried in the dash is bad. If anyone knows of something else it could be i'd really appreciate the info.

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