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All of today's cars are about the same. My OBW shows plugs that must be pulled up and out, when you open the hood, since the grill is attached to the hood. If the Forester's grill isn't attached to the hood, then you'll have to remove it first to be able to get at the plugs. I suspect that there are more under the headlights, meaning that the headlight assemblies must be pulled as well. Then, along the bottom of the bumper cover (you'll have to pull the bottom splash panel first) and finally, any that are in the wheel opening, attached to the inner fender liner. There is nothing difficult or magical about any of it, you'll just have to start lifting out each plug's centre pin and its surround expander, and keep pulling off parts of the front of the car until the cover is free. Thankfully, it'll take much less time to reinstall the cover than it did to take it off. A thin bladed screwdriver is about the only tool you should require to pull the plugs, a phillips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench for the other fasteners. Just jump in. Its all pretty straight forward. Good luck!

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