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Russian or New England story.....

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I dare believe that those who took part in and fueled the seriously nice thread about 8-9 months ago migh be able to shed some light on my curiousity.


"Reader's Digest" regurgitation follows:


Someone started a thread on "what would be the interest in helping achieve this idea into reality"


Getting the stamps and die's for starting or rather resurecting the early to late 80's subaru's via Russian automobile manufacturing.


Then it jumped to Focusing on the Brat's and the military application with a off the factory line lift kit (i think?)


the logic was its a line that has "mostly all the bug's" worked out of it and what mod's could be done to allow for the Mod's we all know of that have been done to the beloved pleadian's we drive....


then it tangeted(i think) to a gov't contract idea for just the brat s and then being able to find a place in the US for its resurection and cheap way to get New parts for us.....


then it was chimbed in by a N.H. or Connecticutt(sp) soul who said if Russia doesn't work out what about our home team as the Ship yards up here have taken a big hit and well, if a gov't contract for a ORV (read like the chenoworth sand rail idea) were to be built on the BRat design...


several uber mech-heads were commenting back -n- forth here....


Then the update near the end of the threasd was "I'm abouyt to go pitch the idea overseas"


then the thread of the idea for a switch to V-bulliten happened and this thead dissapeared.....


Well, anyone wanna update, or more for starters clarify anything i miss-construded or did not remeber correctly?

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THe main charachters:Subazoo-owner of a Baird(?)machine to make various structural and sheetmetal parts and conected with numerous folks overseas.


Me-moosens-had contributed a few ideas including using old buildings here in CT where lots of industry has gone elsewhere.No mentions of shipyards but hey you were close.


I was just thinking of this again the other day.I want to build dual range,Subaru powered cars and MPV's.I still think this could happen....all it takes is money...so it won't happen in my house anytime soon.


Scott,if you see this I'm sorry to have not gotten back to you about the land/house deal.I'll talk to you soon,I promise.

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That would be neat! Although useing the Brat has challenges as far as the US military are concerned. Everything we have is 24 volt, and deisel. Besides that - a Brat simply has no role to fill in the military - the hummer does everything a Brat does (possible exception bieng top speed), and can haul 1.25 tons. Not to mention the fact that there's armored versions... etc, etc. And can you beat the price GM sells them for? A new hummer (last time I checked) started at about $18,000 for the military version.


And I'm curious as to what we (in the US) would gain from haveing them built in russia? We couldn't register them to drive here in the states cause they won't pass safety standards for their year of manufacture. (BTW - that's probably a part of why they stopped selling them here in 87..... that, and not enough sales to warrant a re-design). Other countries with less safety standards kept getting them till around 94 near as I can find out. Although I must admit having a source of sheet metal for our old cars would be cool.



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Uh,I hear ya,but I'm thinking way beyond the Brat.But I'm not thinking of making military vehicles.Let Subazoo fill in any of those details.


Although I must admit having a source of sheet metal for our old cars would be cool.
......you ain't kiddin!!!!!:headbang:

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