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Advice on finding reliable parts resellers?

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Hi everybody,


I'm new to this forum but I've found some helpful info about doing the 2.2 to 2.5 swap in my Outback, which I'm having my mechanic do as a solution to the infamous 2.5 head gasket failure.


I'm trying to track down a '95 2.2 engine and I've been doing BBB searches on businesses that have them in stock. It's tedious and I'm wondering, are there any large parts resellers that people on this board would recommend; companies that you've had GOOD experiences with? A friend recommended Midwest Engine Sales, but I googled them and found a horror story on nasioc, the impreza board. They seem to do a lot of business so maybe it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it's a pretty ugly story.


Any advice you guys have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Santa Fe, NM and obviously, the closer, the better, but I'm willing to cough up some freight fees to get a good engine.





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I'd reccomend a rebuilt from CCR, www.ccrengines.com for me it was only about 200 dollars more for the rebuilt then the used engine with 40k on it.


If you really want used, you might try aarons auto wrecking, not 100% on their address, but you can google them. I've gotten a lot of random stuff from them and have had no problems.

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