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Clunk and groaning noise from rear when I accelerate from stop

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I have a 2003 Outback w/ 75K, automatic transmission. I bought it

used- have had it for 5 months. When I accelerate from a stop, there

is a groaning noise coming from the rear (axle- tires) area. It's a

low noise- not high pitched whining. It last a second or two as I

accelerate then goes away, and the the car runs fine otherwise.


It happens when the wheel is straight or turned. And it happens when I

am forward gear or reverse.


If I haven't driven the car for a day or two, then the noise is less

apparent. But then if I am starting and stopping a lot, it seems to

get louder as the day goes on.


Any idea what this might be?

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AFter youy stop the car, bounce on the back of it. It may be a suspension noise.

Is the noise a groan or a sqeek?



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