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that excites me... its all coming together...




ej22 seems like an awesome option for this now... since now i know that it fits! lets just hope you never have to get that valve covers off...:rolleyes:


i'm deffinatly going to be talking to you after you've finished... i've got this thing where i ask so many questions it hurts...;)


good luck!

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A word of advice.....


Stuffing the 2.2 is Cool, I've done it twice now...:) into the Gen one cars...


But you will need heavier Struts or at minimum heavier springs.....


FreeRange ( Nels ) has his Gen One brat lifted, and the struts cranked to the max , and still not stiff enough to maintain the extra Engine/Trans Weight...

His ride is in a major nose dive....


I am looking into coil swaps/replacements now, so We can cure the issue....


Have fun with it.....It drives like a totally different machine...:)

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