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which car should i take to oregon this x-mas

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on dec. 20 we're gonna head out to oregon (from Virginia) wife wants to spend x-mas with her family... anyways, i've been debating on which car to take..


we have the 86 turbo wagon (288k original) runs great, no leaks, no funny noises, doesn't burn much of anything, new clutch, etc.. BUT, i am gonna have to get the cv's changed.. now the kicker is the mileage, and the black tar like stuff i keep gettin offa the radiator cap.. the car doesn't use any coolant, or ever need refilling.. it does get warm (not overheating tho)sittin in traffic unless i turn on the electric fan (only fan on it) and when i do check the coolant, the radiator cap has this black tar like stuff on it..


the other choice i have is to take the 89 acura integra (automatic and 170k) it smokes a little, burns a little oil, the auto trans had a problem awhile back shifting, a trans flush seemed to fix that. bout all i would have to do to it before we left is change the timing belt and water pump, front end alignment and maybe some tires.. drivin this i worry about the transmission goin out half ways there, so i'm not sure what to drive



any suggestions on what i should drive on this 6k mile trip.. i've driven the soob 12k since feb. this year.. only had the acura for about 4k miles... both get 30+ mpg, both are comfortable, both drive well, but any opinions would be appreciated... i do know if i drive the ole soob and i break down somewhere, i could prolly get some help from some of you all.. with the acura i'd be up a creek without a paddle, lol.

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Assuming you are 26 or older (married it may not count), go rent a car with unlimited mileage, should be able to find a mid-size for less than $30.00/day, even less for a weekly rental. Don't jump right up and tell 'em you gonna drive it to Oregon, but it really doesn't matter.


Brand new (or nearly so) car, breakdowns are someone elses problem. If you have coverage on your personal cars you can safely waive the insurance.


There ya go, have a good trip!

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make sure your timing belts have been changed at least 6 times, and take the subaru, if the sube breaks it'll most likely be cheaper to fix on the road than any honda/acura. as long as you dont crack a head, you'll be fine with the subie.


how do you know the 288k is original?

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well i bought this wagon from Bill Putney, he was 2nd owner. he said all he had to do to it is basic stuff. oh and the turbo is original too :)


i had to put a clutch in it, and i replaced the trans with one that didn't whine.. so i guess its not completely original.. but pretty dern close..


Timing belts were done shortly before i bought the car, so they don't have but maybe 15-20k on them...



as for selling the acura, don't think that'll happen.. its too nice, and noone will give me what i want for it since its only got a bluebook of like $1200... i think my soob bluebooks for more than the acura, even with all the miles..


and i'll only be 24 by the time we leave :( so renting a car is outa the question... would definitely go that route if i could tho

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