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wow, what a night

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okay, my friend tells me he found this gravel road behind a warehouse that I should drive my car on really fast cuz there was a whole lotta puddles... and my car needs washed, lol. So, we find this place, I drive down it slowly and realize the holes are alot deeper than they look and would probably launch my car into the air if I hit them at more than 30mph :brow: . Guess what! I hit the first couple holes... got COMPLETELY airborn... hit the next set of holes so hard my car flat out bounced about 2 feet in the air, and splashed down in a 20 foot long 8 inch deep puddle that slowed us from 50-0 in about 2 seconds... lol. AWESOME. Shear adrenaline. Ok, I thought I was done. Well, here's what he says. "Hey, take a left at this car wash, go really fast." Ok, I go fast. Hit some train tracks at about 45, leave the ground... and he just tells me to keep going. The road turns right, but straight ahead it just turns to gravel so I go gravel. The road humps sharply... then back down. Guess what my car does!! It goes way up in the air!!!! I'm not even joking, we got a good 4-5 feet off the ground... I paniced and just slid completely sideways to a stop. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Man, that car can take some damn abuse. Finally, to top the night off, we decide to drive through a random field behind Ingles. got almost to the other side which ends at the highway, and we got stuck. Great. I learned something important that night... never offroad without a flashlight. The car was stuck in 2 ruts, perfectly lined up with the front and rear wheels running horizontally to the lengh of the car. Took us an hour and 4 rocks to get unstuck... but we did it. Now the car is gonna rest a while... hopefully I'll be able to send you guys some pics the next time I'm up to some more bajaing.

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