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82 GL wagon failed emissions :( help?

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hubby took the wagon through emissions today and it failed here are the readings:

HC co

cruise limit 180 1.3

cruise emissions 60 .24

cruise result PASS PASS


Idle limit 220 1.2

Idle emissions 140 2.54

Idle result Pass FAIL

I can post the other data if needed.

Are there errors codes that we can check, and if so is it done by turning the ignition 3 times and then watching for some flashes, or is it done another way?


Also, Hubby had forgotten to change the oil before testing it-- this car has been sitting for 3 years until we purchased it and replaced the distributor and bought a key for it. We had replaced the air filter plugs, and put in new gas.

Would the oil change make a big difference or is there something else amiss too?

Any help or advice would be appreciated--





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An oil change will make a differnce, especially on a car that has been sitting around a few years. Chnage the oil, take it a nice highway spin and clean all the crap out of the engine. Also look into a new O2 sensor.


I hear people have good luck with something called sea foam. Also i bet you the catalytic converter is shot drom sitting around for 3 years.



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Your best bet is to take it to my favorite emissions guru next to the 6th Ave. South emissions testing place in South Seattle (just south of Spokane St.). $40 plus tax if he can adjust it to pass; no charge if it doesn't pass. Plus if it needs a part he can tell you what it needs and then bring it back to him for "tweaking." You can't go wrong! PM me with a 'phone number if you need more information. Judging from the numbers, it's close and will likely just need tweaking.

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I had the same problem with one I had thst sat it took a real good deep cleaning of the carb and a few hard miles on the highway to clear it out also make sure the engine is really warmed up before the test

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