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AA lift install finished minus steering adapter

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I'm probaby going to have the welder extend out the pitch stopper too.. looks like it needs a half an inch longer to make it still work.


I'm gonna run mine with out it for now I guess


Sent you a PM about the steering shaft. AA told me that the shaft needs to be 15 1/4 inches long, but from what I measured I came up with 14 1/4 inches long. So I'm looking for an exact measurement of yours so I can get it done right.

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replyed to your PM but I forgot to tell you.

My GL wagon is a Automatic 3spd tranny,,, so the tranny mounts on mine are futher back tward the first U-Jount. that being said,,

the pitch on my motor would be different then that on a manual tranny due to the way I had to lower it inorder to get the drive shafts to line up..


Soo what all this means is......

My steering linkage may be as much as an inch differance in length than what you need.

however, if it helps. the length that would work best, in my case, was 14-5/8ths

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