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Throw Out Bearing Issues.....

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Ok, so I ran into another problem on my auto to manual swap. I was shipped a clutch kit for a 2WD EA81, and of course I cannot use it as the tranny is 4WD, so I got a subaru OEM clutch kit. The throw out bearing from the 2WD fits on the transmission and all, but the subaru OEM bearing is about 1/16" too big all around for the shaft, so I made a spacer out of an old bearing race, and it seems to have failed, I pressed it into the big bearing, but it seems to have failed, and it must be letting the bearing spin on that, insted of the bearing turning.


Can I use the smaller 2WD throw out bearing on the 4WD pressure plate? Or do I need to just keep the "spacer" from turning and use the big OEM bearing?





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