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turn signal switch not anchored

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OK... one of the major annoyances while sitting behind the wheel of my hatch is that the turn signal switch is not fixed to where it should be. The problem is, I did not disassemble it (previous owner did), so I need to know what, exactly, it screws or bolts to.


The switch and signals all work, but if you try to move the lever, the switch just spins around the steering shaft.

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Update: Ok, I can see the threaded screw holes on the underside of the switch, and the plastic pegs that seat on the back side of the wheel hub....


But what exactly does it screw INTO? is it the plastic trim piece that is supposed to be over the switch? or is there some sort of fastening plate that goes somewhere?


I have no parts diagram or service manual, and I'm obviously missing at least one part here... anyone know?

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