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I have an 84GL that I want to put a D/R 5speed and a EJ22 into.:brow: The EJ22 curently is an automatic AWD.


I had problems with an engine swap from manual engine into an automatic. The IAC and injectors being different.


? Will I need to use an IAC from a manual engine to make it run properly?

? Will I need to use injectors form a manual engine as well?

? Since the wiring harness will be altered will the above question be a non issue?


Thanks for all your input in advance, Stumpy

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I'm currently running an auto ECM in my 5 speed car with no modifications whatsoever. The only problem I've experienced is that once the engine is warm, when I coast to a stop the idle will fluctuate way down then up to 1000rpm like three times before it stabilizes around 600-700. I assume this is caused by my lack of a vehicle speed sensor causing the ECM to get confused since it doesn't know if the car is moving or not.

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Thanks for the replies all. I put www.surrealmirage.com/subaru/swap in my files for future reference as I'm sure I will need more information down the road.


The auto ECU would be easiest as I think I fried the manual one fooling aroud with it before I got a clue on an earlier project.


I willl research to see if there is some way to avoid the idle fluctuating problem. Although with only one leg the faster idle may be a plus. Will think on that one.


I have the unit that oregonloyal is looking for and I didn't want to shoot my self in the foot by offering it to him only to find out I need it.


Thanks again for all you techinical advice.

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