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Used steel wheels from a non-Subaru on a Subaru?

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The Subaru has a fairly common lug spacing: 5 lugs, 100mm from the center. This is also found on Cavaliers, Neons, Grand Ams, Celicas, Matricies, and a dozen other cars with non-ugly, inexpensive steel wheels readily available in the junkyard.


However, the Subaru wheel offset is odd: +55mm. i.e., the rim bolts on 55mm outboard vs. the centerline of the wheel.


My questions are:

Are there any other cars with a +55mm offset and 5x100mm lugs? How wide are their tires?

If I were to take a wheel off a Cavy with a +47mm offset and use it four months of the year, would my wheels stick way out and look goofy? Would the extra one degree angle (I did the math) at which the wheel bearings would be loaded shorten their life considerably?

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There are 2 things that i would worry about, besides the offsed issues.


the center hole, this is used to help support the load of the car, if its too big it won't support as well, and if its too small, it won't fit at all.


Make sure it clears the brakes, the subie brakes are bigger than most.

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