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Noah, that's a very nice and clean article. I just picked up a turbo wagon for parts, and this is one of the items on my list. The only thing I would add to your article is the need to inspect and recondition or replace parts as necessary. I know it seems obvious to you and me, but not everyone who attempts the conversion will have a lot of experience with brakes. Thanks again for the excellent article.

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Its not my article, its on the USRM,


Obviously two things that are the most important are


#1, make sure the pads and rotors are still in good condition, i'd reccomend new pads at the very least. and once you are done, bleed the brakes real good, any air bubbles in the system will make you not stop, funny story.


#2, make sure the donor vehicle is the same as the recipient. 4wd to 4wd, or 2wd to 2wd. they don't swap over.

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