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zed wolf

motor specs chart?

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Hi all, have been poking around here for a couple of hours again and reading about diferent motor and trans swapps.

I was wondering if there is a chart or somthing somwhere that would explane what all of the engine codes mean hopefully with the specs for each motor.

Also, a similar chart on interchangeability would be cool too.

I would like to build up one of my subs for hard core wheeling, preferably with at least a 30" tire. either my '80 wagon witch I would prefer because I like the body style better, or my '86 with the 2 speed t-case.

How about the '80 with a newer feuel injected motor (any sugestions) and my 2 speed?

Thanks for any info. Never tried to buld up any of my subs before just my jeep!

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The best I can offer is get a haynes manual or something like that and start looking at subaru engines.Or just google about what you would like to know.What codes are you looking for?Are you looking to see what the engine numbers mean?If so here you go:


Ea71: 1.6L 4cyl. OHV


Ea81: 1.8L 4cyl. OHV


Ea82: 1.8L 4cyl. OHC


Those are the possibilities to what engines your subarus have.The first 2 being possibilities for you 1980,most likely the ea71.Your newer one has the Ea82 in it.Don't know if you needed this info but I hope it helps.

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