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ive heard of xt's and xt6's on nitrous, so I suppose it could be done on an ea81/82. I don't know about running higher boost with nitrous, that sounds like trouble.

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I would think it to be doable. Would all depend on the duration/frequency of use as to longevity of the engine. That's true of any engine with nitrous.

Slap one of the smaller kits on any engine and YeeeHaaa!! But to much YeeHaa with rampant use becomes Oh S**t. Same is true for an aftermarket turbo or super charger kit. They're fun to have on the engine, just have to be wise in the useage of them.

That's one of the reasons that factory turbo equipped engines have lower compression. Helps the engine to last longer, thus taking some of the load of the dealerships as to defect claims.

But this is just my opinion......

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