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piston pin puller questions

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like....where'd you get yours?

how much did you pay?

and finally,anyone do it with out one?

thanks, brian

yeah yeah , i know , i can search too.....and i have .but i am still curious if most people make theirs and what it costs to buy one.i have searched online but all the places i found do not have a price list.

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I got mine on Ebay but you don't need the Subaru tool. There are a few other methods of extraction.


You can find a longer bolt and grind the head down so it fits down the bore of the pin and hooks the back side; attach the other end to a slide hammer. I think someone here, instead of using a slide hammer they attached a washer and nut to the other end and pulled them out with a claw hammer. There might be a expanding mandrel type tool out there too.

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get your hands on some 7'' or 8'' bolt with a 1/8'' diameter, bend a 90 degree bend in it with the help of a vise and BFH, gring off the end of the hook so you only have about an 1/8'' to 3/16'' hook, just enough to slide through the piston pin, and pull like hell. when i did mine on my EA82 teardown, i used a length of chain link fence.......................hey now, it was the only thing i could find/think of at the time......................







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