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Guest Mikldom

Bushbrat Back on the Road!!!

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Guest Mikldom

1984 Subaru Brat, Desert Camo, 6inch Lift, 30x9.50 Wrangler Tires on Toyota 6 lug rims.


spent all day saturday putting the junkyard tranny in. The truck runs!!!!, and drives!!!!


Trust me, it was a long day.. and I was whooped by the end of it.. tranny was on the ground, exhaust down, axles off, etc..


got the tranny in, axles back on, exhaust put back on and drove it on saturday, of course, I had trouble getting into and out of gears, but that was just a clutch adjustment.. I adjusted that and that solved that problem.


Bill (the original bushbrat owner), helped me weld some of the junctions for the exhaust, as they were leaking.


Still need to bend my shifter linkage, and put the center console in, as hot air rushes up to my leg :eek:


other than that, I just wanted to report, that even with the junkyard tranny having foul smelling, burned up ATF in it, that I replaced with the appropiate gear oil and lucas, that is runs great and shifts ten times better than the one that came out of it..


not bad for an amatuer.. This was my first tranny swap.


Talk to you later.


and, oh, my old- lady is leaving me.. can you believe it? I am only 30 and she is my SECOND wife, and she even got fed up with me after almost 4 years!!!! I guess I am hard to live with.....who knows...




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Guest LostWater

You just have a bad habit of picking the bad ones, actually they pick you (Take right hand, extend index finger straight, extend thumb straight, perpendicular to index finger, now place against your forehead).


Don't rush into another one.


genetic half advice

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