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Adding Hood Vents to Older Model Subarus

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Adding Hood Vents to older Model Subaru's.

Posted by Witte from the Ultimate Subaru Message Board.


I first place the passenger side vent on the underside of the drivers side location where I want the vent. I then mark the bolt most to the center of the hood, close to the support. I then drilled the hole for it. Once that is accomplished you can use the driver side to mark the other two holes a drill them. Do the same for the other side. Now you need to shave off the mounting pads around the studs on both vents. They need to be flush with the leading edge on the front, and the back pad flush with the mesh in the back. then you can shave the front edge of the vent until it is flat across the entire front. YOu might want to go slow and d lots of test fits as its much easier to take more off later than to replace. I then marked the holes needing to be cut with a can of black spray paint, since I wanted the mesh painted black anyway. You could make a paper templet to transfer the shape needing to be cut if spary paint doesn't rock your world. I then used a dremel with some cutoff wheels to cut the opening. It was faily quick, and left a nice hole which I was worried that a sawzal might not do.


Email Witte:ewitte@nmsu.eduvent1small.jpgvent2small.jpgventdrivsmall.jpgventdriv2small.jpgventpasssmall.jpgventpass2small.jpg



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