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Dome Light Upgrade

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Dome Light Upgrade


Thanks to Billy Clements of the Ultimate Subaru Message Board for this tip!


The dome lights in the Early 80's Subaru's are terrible. They are not at all bright. This tip keeps your car all Subaru, while adding a feature of the newer Subaru models.


  1. remove dome light from 85+ Subaru (non-BRAT or hatchback). All that is holding it there is 2 holes and a plug on the back. Picture of back of both dome lights is below figure A.
  2. Go back home, after paying of course.
  3. Take the dome light off of your early 80’s soob… same applies as to step #1.. there is 2 screws and a plug
  4. Replace it with the newer dome light… you might have to use longer screws due to the headliner in a BRAT being slanted…
  5. That’s it. I told you it was simple! Now you have TONS more light, and it cost you practically nothing but time!

ShawnW adds, why not put a brand new bulb in so you don't have to worry about it for a while?


Images help don't they? Click on each thumbnail to get the larger picture.




As you can see there is some obvious size differences, but the plugs, screw holes, switch orientation, and the shape of the bottom is very very similar.


But the you can see that the newer style is going to put out soooo much more light because its not restricting light output in the cover at all.




New Style ON




Old Style ON




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