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85-89 5 Speed D/R 4WD trans. to 80-84 body Style

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85 - 89 5 Speed D/R 4WD tranny


into an 80-84 Body Style vehicle...



This was out together after conversations with Qman, Eric, Mike, and the many discussions about it on the message board...



Be sure to use loctite on all bolts when re-assembling



1. Put vehicle on Jackstands

2. drop exhaust

3. remove center consoles/shifter knobs, etc

4. remove bolts holding tranny to bell housing

5. remove sway bar

6. pull axles off stubs

7. remove drive shaft

8. plug end of tranny, or drain gear oil

9. remove starter

10. unhook speedo cable

11. disconnect any other connections to tranny

12. place jack under tranny and just take the weight off

13. take off tranny crossmember nuts

14. remove tranny mounts from tranny and crossmember

15. remove tranny and tranny crossmember

16. remove ea81 pressure plate/clutch

17. remove ea81 flywheel

18. replace rear crank seal if needed

19. grind edges of opening at bottom of bellhousing so the ea82 flywheel will fit without rubbing

20. transfer timing marks to ea82 flywheel if needed

21. replace pilot bearing in ea82 flywheel

22. install ea82 flywheel

23. install ea82 clutch/pressure plate

24. raise 5 speed D/R tranny into opening

25. install tranny crossmember

26. attach tranny to motor/bell housing

27. attach original tranny mounts to tranny and crossmember

28. prepare ea82 drive shaft. (If mounting into a Brat or Wagon no mods are necessary, if mounting into a hatch, the shaft must be shortened.)

29. weld carrier bearing mount into place

30. install ea82 drive shaft

31. weld carrier bearing mount into place

32. install sway bar

33. install exhaust

34. install axles

35. connect speedo cable

36. install starter

37. re-connect remaining tranny connections

38. intall interior ea82 boots/consoles

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