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Ea-81 Heater Core Swap

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e-mail Shawn Subaru EA81 Heater Core Swap


Okay, here it is. With inspiration from SubySwamper assuring me that it could be done.....



1. Remove panel on left side under the dash

2. Remove the defroster duct from the left side of the console

3. Remove the heater control valve

4. Move any wires out of the way if you have any hanging

5. Cut out a side access hole around the heater core. Because of the cramped area, and thickness of the plastic, following SubySwampers lead, I used a soldering iron to perforate the plastic around the core.

6. The plastic is "rounded over the edge of the core, so you will have to make sure to get the "cut" as far back as possible to allow room for the core to come out.

7. Remove computer so core has a spot to pull out into.

8. Remove core by pulling out from the side.

9. If the core will not come out, see #6 above.

10. Core still will not come out, you may have to remove the top edge of the opening for the defroster duct (like I did)

11. Core is removed... here is the rough opening...tn_corehole1.jpg ...and after a little clean-up....tn_corehole2.jpg

12. Here's the comparison of the 2 cores. you will notice that the new core is all aluminum, and thinner which makes it easier to get in... tn_corecompare1.jpg tn_corecompare2.jpg

13. Here's the new core with the new foam installed around it... (you may need to trim up some around the end opposite the pipes to ensure a good fit back into the hole... tn_corefoam.jpg

14. Here's the new control valve (dealer only)...tn_valve.jpg

15. Always test fit to make sure everything lines up (there's a reason there is 3 pics :) )tn_coretest1.jpg tn_coretest2.jpg tn_coretest3.jpg

16. And the final pics of the install... tn_corefinish1.jpg tn_corefinish2.jpg tn_corefinish3.jpg


And this is done to avoid this... plus a whole lot more mess of pulling the dash out too...tn_mess.jpg

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