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EA82 heater core exchange


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And incase the link goes dry:


As a suggestion I think it's a good idea to get a new core.I went with a used one but I don't mind so much on this particular car.

I also think it's a good idea if possible,to get a parts car or remove a dash at a junkyard and remove the heater box unit.You can then re-dress the box with fresh foam and clean it out nicely.This will make the swap a good fifteen to thirty minutes shorter.And you can install your new core in it as well.Total swap time should be around 4-6 hours tops.You might beat that by a good hour with proper preperation.


Another thing to consider is getting new dashboard lightbulb and resolve any instrument lighting issues.Don't forget the ashtray bulb.Good time to check your clock or repair it.


Disconnect battery ground,remove the loop installed to bypass the heater when it leaked like a puppy all over the carpet.Remove the gasket plate that the heater core inlet and outlet tubes pass through as they go through the firewall.Good idea to disconnect the speedometer cable from the tranny too.Give some slack towards the dash.Quick,close the hood and get in the car it's starting to snow :lol:


Fortunately,you already removed the front seats and you're not considerd tall by any means.Remove center consoles from underdash to emergency brake/center compartment piece.It's ok to leave the radio in but you can take some weight off the dash if you take it out now.Disconnect antenea wire at shoulder of transmission hump up by the driver's feet.You'll also want to disconnect the cable that goes to the heater box.And there's a vacuum hose to pull off of the heaterbox as well,all on the driver's side right near each other.


Remove the underside dash panels.I remove the glovebox at this point with just one screw at the hinge base and slide it towards the other hinge to remove.On the passenger side you only need to disconnect the connectors by the door and if you're lucky or skillfull maybe at this point you can get the vacuum tube as well,but if not you'll get it when the dash begins to come off.All connectors on this side are foolproof.Good luck!


Over of the driver's side it's a jungle but nothing you can't handle.Remove the fusebox with three screws and let it hang.The only things to disconnect are what goes through the firewall.Disconnect the harness under the steering wheel.Then drop the computer by loosening the three nuts and sliding it towards the rear of the car.Disconnect it and tuck it away.Drop the steering wheel with 2 bolts.The wheel should be free to drop.

There's a chance you may have to disconnect a cruise control processor.


Dashboard fastners are 10mm.You'll see three covers to remove across the top.There's also a cover on each end on the front of the dash facing the seats.


I was able to raise the dash and rest it diagonally using the steering wheel as a rest,driver's side of dash forward,pass. side to rear.That gave me enoug room to get the heater unit out.But first you need to disconnect the ductwork.Very easy,just squeeze the band clip,you'll see.Leave the rear section right there on the duct and just lift and remove the front part of the band clip.Unbolt the heaterbox at top.Be sure to have the center console brackets removed for ease and safety.Besides,there's a ground wire off the box there.You can slice the carpet in the center to make it a little easier to remove.The ducts going to the rear seats need to be bent to allow the heaterbox outlets to be free.Just bend the ducts gently,trying not to crease them severely.Remove the heaterbox tipping the top slightly downward toward the rear of the car as you slide the unit rearward.I found it easy to do this from the passenger side but once it was off the mount I went around the driver's side to get it free from the car since the ductwork on the other side makes it hard with the dash resting just above.


Now it was time to remove the core from the box.I cleaned the box up with some cleaner and replaced the foam with some seriously dense foam that was already sticky-backed.Replace core,ready to head for home.


Insert the box making the tubes go through the firewall,get it in place,bolt it up with the top 10mm inside the car.Go outside and install the gasketplate,and hoses.


Put the dash back and remember to install the vacuum hose on the passenger side,make sure the speedometer is in(you'd be smart to remove it from the tranny and give some slack before taking the dash out,see above).Hook up the cable for the heater control,the vacuum and the antenea all right near each other.


Driver's side,connect the jungle being careful and hopefully not colorblind.The connectors mostly all fit only where they belong with each other.If the car doesn't start,check the high beam lever.It'll engage the starter if the connectors are mixed up.Those two are the same so maybe mark them beforehand.


I will proofread this a little later and add to it,have to go.


OK,edited today 12/29/04,looks good to me at a quick glance.Let me know if there's anything to add,delete,or alter.

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