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Vanagon Update

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If youre curious about what I am doing with my vanagon.....


Im parting it out.


Doing an air cooled conversion is truly rediculous but I pulled it off and it lasted 2 days and then failed just in time for it to not go to WCSS7.


Good news is, I found a really clean low mileage (22k) water cooled 84 Vanagon to put the parts into. Should be a quick and easy swap. Ill post updates starting next week when the new vanagon gets towed in for the conversion. The VW engine threw a rod.


If any of you want VW vanagon cyl heads or ECU let me know they will be available shortly. Also, If you know somebody that needs Westy parts please spread the word. I will have an entire kitchen kit left over.

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EBAY!!!!!! I made a killing when I parted out my vanagon. Sell every light out of it (tail light corner lights etc.) and the door handles and mirrors.



Anything I could rip out of mine in 10 min. I sold on ebay and $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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