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98 outback alarm problem after battery disconnection

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We recently purchsed a 98 outback with a Subaru alarm. Today I was changing the plugs and removed the battery to get access on the drivers side plugs. Now I can not start the car and the exterior lights and the red alarm indicator LED keep going on and off whenever the door is opened for about 30 seconds. No horn buzzing. The car came without a remote controller, so I am assuming there was none. In the manual it sais to open the doors with the key slowly to disable the alarm. I have done that with no results. Do all these cars come with a remote controller if they have an alarm? Do I need one to disable the alarm? Can I disable the alarm in any way with just the keys? Is there a specific sequence of events that need to happen to disable this alarm? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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There should be a manual override button under the dash somewhere. Its SUPPOSED to be up by the hood release. You will have to remove the lower kick panel to get to it. I dont know the exact procedure to get the alarm to turn off. But with no remote you will need to find that button.

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