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EA82 Power steering

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My car had the power steering pump removed and has been driven about 25K miles in that state.


Lately, it feels rather crappy. Feels like there's slop in it, and maybe a 3-5 degree deadzone. It just feels dead... no precision.


Now, it's not a manual steering rack. I read that power steering racks need the fluid for lubrication.


In any case, I'm considering installing a power steering pump. Anyone got a pump and lines to sell me, or know where I can get one cheap? (I'm going to hit the JY, but they are pretty devoid of Subaru in South Fl.)

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new bushings typically stiffen the steering up and help alot. there have been a couple threads in the past year/few months at xt6.net about that issue. impreza steering bushings fit the XT6 steering rack, that's why kevin and others are using in theirs.


steering pump should be cake to find. no EA82's around here that i know of, but get someone that knows a yard with EA82's and order one from them. they'll ship 'em.

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