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ea81 coupe vs ea81 sedan - some details please

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I am after the wheel base of both these vehical (is it the same on both?)


Also after the weights of both cars.


And another thing, are the coupe doors the same as brat doors? and are hatch doors the same again? That one isn't important though :)


Thanks for any info.



89 Brat,


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The doors are *almost* the same; here in the States Brat doors don't have a reinforcement in them, unlike the coupes and hatches. That may be different in Australia (this had to do with different safety standards under US importation laws at the time). But they can be used interchangeably among the coupe, hatch and Brat.


Wheelbases are the same. (edit: between the coupe and sedan)


I don't know about the weight off the top of my head but will post tomorrow out of an owner's manual if no one beats me to it. (highly unlikely :) )

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^ ding! I was about to post that. The trailing edge of the Brat door glass curves forward significantly, whereas it does not on hatch/coupe glass.

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Hmm, I haven't noticed that. Thanks for the info tho, Now I will know to only get Brat doors if I ever need to replace one of mine.

I would like to know the weight as I would like to make a classic rally car with one of them. And would like to know if the coupe is significantly lighter. I imagine it would be much easier finding a sedan here in Aus though.


I was planning to use the engine out of my brat. Its the dual carb model, so it has better flow heads and the dual carbs of cause. But I am still thinking on it. I might have to spend an ULTRA amount of money for a rollcage as you can only race in particular rally's if you have a rollcage that is built by pros. Anyway, not 100% sure on it all right now. Just looking at my options.

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