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1991 Sub loyale overheating problem(s)

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Hi all, I am new and need help from some of you experts. Bought my 91 a year ago, few months later, I hear water gurgling sound from I think the heater core when accelerating. A few more months, car starts to overheat at highway speeds. Couple more months, replace thermostat and flush cooling system (home job) then I can barely get the car to heat up past the cold mark. Take it on the highway and it overheats again. I ignore the issue due to no money to fix till last night. Car is fine then boom, lose upper radiator hose and limp the car home. Replaced hose and put more coolant, go for test drive, still no heat and car overheats again. limp home again and left car running to see what's the problem. Now I see steam coming from what looks like under the power steering pump. Question is: Does this sound like a water pump, radiator, or other problem, and if it is the water pump, is this a difficult task to replace. I have some mechanical skills but am by no means good at it. Any help would be appreciated..thanks, Mick

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