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Rear sway bars for '03 BH Legacy - SubieGal?

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I've been having a devil of a time trying to figure out the reason why the Whiteline 20mm adj. RSB (BSR12XZ) doesn't fit my wagon. After browsing the OEM parts catalog, I notice that a distinction is made between the '00-02 and the '03-04 MY Legacies wrt the RSB's.


I suspect that a slight change in the rear subframe may have required a change in the RSB geometry, particulary to left (driver's) side at the "hump" over the exhaust pipe.


If anyone can confirm this, please let me know. I'd also greatly appreciate advice on other 20mm RSB options for my vehicle. I'm looking for a beefier bar to complete a 22/20 F/R setup, as I regularly haul cargo along the twisty Texas Hill Country roads (makes the Scoob wallow like a pig, let me tell you . . . )

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sounds like you purchase a pre 2003 rear sway bar?


i dont have the software in front of me,

but the entire car changed with model year 2003 vs previous years


i'll get the specifics on monday when i have access


but yes, i'd say you have the wrong bar there....


Jamie subiegal-smilie.png

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Thanks, Jamie. I'd like to forward any confirming parts info to the boys at Whiteline - this issue had stumped us all to this point.


Any recs for a 20mm adjustable RSB? If need be I'll content myself with a fixed 20mm.


From the online catalogs, I can only determine year changes to the various parts. It appears, however, that the front stabilizer bar is the same across '00-04, as well as the rear lower control arm bushings, tranny mount, and the cat-back portion of the exhaust system. The header and cat section are pretty much the same AFAIK, except for relocation of the A/F and O2 sensor bungs on the converter section.


Do Group N mounts exist for my model year Legacy? I'd like to upgrade engine/pitch stop/tranny to take some of the slop out of the driveline. I notice there were changes for some of the engine mounts and the pitch stop mount.


Thanks for the help!

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