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Can we make a FAQ sticky of EJ25 head gasket info?

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Would it be possible for one of the moderators to put togehter a FAQ Sticky for the whole EJ25 issue?


Suggested things to cover:

Description of the failure modes of the EJ25 DOHC and the EJ25 SOHC

- DOHC fails from the cooling system to the sylinders

- SOHC Fails from the colling system to the outside (looks like a leak)

List of what years and what models have the DOHC and the SOHC

- 96 to 00 Legacy GT and OB had DOHC?

- 98 and 99 Impreza RS had DOHC?

- 98 and 99 Forester had DOHC?

List of things to look at to determine if you have a head gasket failure

- Random Overheating

- Bubbles in the coolant overflow resevoir

List of other things to check if your car has overheated and your afraid it could be the headgasket

- Check for air in the cooling system. Park on a slight incline with the car running and up to temp. Then open the bleeder screw on the top of the radiator slightly until coolant comes out. Immediately close.

Description of the EJ22 swap (What years are a direct swap kind of thing)

- Any EJ22 from a 95 is a direct swap?


It just seems like this is the single biggest thing discussed these days so it might be nice if there was something stickyed at the top that people might see and read before asking the same questions that are asked over and over.


I invite others to make suggestions and input in this thread and maybe then a moderator could go through it and compile all of the correct information into a new sticky thread?


Thanks for your time,


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I thought 99' Forester and Impreza RS and 00' Legacy/OB are SOHC already.


True, only the MY99 Forester and Impreza were SOHC—then all models became SOHC in MY00.

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I think this is a great idea.


I have an existing page that answers some of these things, and provides some links to useful threads, here:



I have posted this in several HG threads to try to help people out with some links and consolidated information, searching is not evidently the strong point of many internet users and there are now so many threads that searching for HG stuff with some substance has become difficult because of the amount of noise.


I'd be willing to rework this page so that it's more in the format you suggest and remove some of the more personal experience type verbosity which admittedly dilutes the more important information. I'd put it in more of an inverted pyramid format, as opposed to my characteristic rambling style, as evidenced in this post :) Also I'd add additional information to that, as you've suggested above. What do you think?



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I'm personally against massive amounts of sticky's. However I don't mind creating one thread, sticky that, and post various threads to that one sticky.

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Here's a "work in progress" link to what I was talking about above:



I need to work on the formatting and fonts, improve some of the explanations, add some more info (bleeding air from cooling system, address that this does not affect all engines, add some photos), etc. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.



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