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Ej22 powered VW bugs...performance #'s

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I finally took my bug to the track.


150k ej22 in the back of a '74 standard beetle. Beetle has no interior. Weight of car unknown.


With moderate wheelspin on a 4k launch, the car would put down low 15's at around 90 mph. Best run was something like a 15.12 @ 92.0. I'm happy with that.


A 50 shot would be cool, but I'd probably grenade the tranny.

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Nice times, what year bug you have? I've 74 Sunbug low rider.


Did you use the kennedy adaptor?


Where did you put your radiator?


CB performance has some tranny upgrades that make the stock bettle tranny capable of handeling 275 + hp, run all the shots you would like to the super market and back with that :-p



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