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I am in the process of rebuilding a 97 OBW for my mother in law. The car had 180K miles on it, so I bought a wrecked 99 and swapped in the engine and auto trans to the 97. I learned the had way that there is some extra soloniods in the 99 trans that the 97 TCU cannot control It would not shift properly, so I decided to find a 97 trans. I found a new in crate tranny on ebay. I have the new trans in the car, but my problem is that the transfer case has no oil in it and I cannot find out what type of oil it takes. The oil in the old one looks and feels like hydraulic fluid, it is not red like the dextron that the main trans takes. Do any of you soobe guys out there know what oil I should use?

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The only problem is there is no transfer case.

Did you mean front differential?

Now, you know that the 99 2.5 DOHC is a ticking bomb, right?

You need 75/90 gear oil.

I would not call a 10-15% failure a ticking bomb, just be aware of possible HG failures.

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