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i found a picture a few days ago of a subaru badge on the front of a car. it was a close up and it had ice covering it. i think the point of the thread was a "happy holidays" salutation.


i've done multiple searches for it and can't find it anywhere!


i need it for a video i'm making for a homework asignment.


if anyone can help, i'd love them forever!

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that's mine =P

want a better res one of it?

just IM me, and i'll hook you up

actually, it'll be slower than DEATH but you can goto my website, i'm running it off of my home computer here, running on the cable modem, but it'll get it done.


then goto 'pictures'

then "Icey Subaru Stuff (4)"

and you should be good to go

it'll load up thumbnails, and then click the one you want.. .they're large files, about 1.5mb each 3.1MPix

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